(How To) WordPress Pinboard Slideshow- Adding Image Slideshow on front page

WordPress Pinboard Slideshow Tutorial - Adding Image Slideshow on front page. I am a wedding photographer based in South Australia. If you like our article, do “Like” us on Facebook to show some support.

pib pinterest (How To) Wordpress Pinboard Slideshow  Adding Image Slideshow on front pagepinboardtut021 (How To) Wordpress Pinboard Slideshow  Adding Image Slideshow on front page

To start off, you need to install the WordPress Pinboard Theme. This tutorial is about configuring the theme to make the slideshow work for your blog. I learnt how to configure this Pinboard theme to “Add Image Slideshow on front page” from a guy but his webpage is now in “construction” stage. Hence, I like to share the steps involved in getting my blog slideshow page up.

Adding Wordpress Pinboard Slideshow on front page

1. Create a post and put a photo in it. I create a new Category call “Sticky”. Tick the box for “Sticky”. The size I had in mine is 1140x450pixel. I have no other words nor second image in this single post. Tick the “Make this post sticky”. Below is a “Quick Edit” clip of a post. 

pinboardtut04 (How To) Wordpress Pinboard Slideshow  Adding Image Slideshow on front page

2. Next, go to “Appearance” -> “Theme Options” and under “Portfolio Page”, select “Sticky”. Under “Home Page” (See below), you can exclude portfolio category from main loop by ticking the “Exclude Portfolio”.

pib pinterest (How To) Wordpress Pinboard Slideshow  Adding Image Slideshow on front pagepinboardtut01 (How To) Wordpress Pinboard Slideshow  Adding Image Slideshow on front page


3. To add more photos into the slide show, you just have to create more post with a photo each and set the Categories to “Sticky”.

Note: Title for these sticky posts are left blank. Therefore I do not have the title appearing on the photos. you can try to put some title and see what happen.

Now that you have the basic understanding of how the slideshow works, you should play around with with the tick boxes to find a style that suits your blog.

pib pinterest (How To) Wordpress Pinboard Slideshow  Adding Image Slideshow on front pagepinboardtut03 (How To) Wordpress Pinboard Slideshow  Adding Image Slideshow on front page

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Special thanks to Daniel, creator of WordPress Theme Pinboard for sharing.


  1. robby says:

    Hi scott, i want to know how to make menu’s like you have on your side? its have parent menu and sub menu.. is that category or pages? can teach me how to make menu like that? thanks..



    1. Scott Goh Scott Goh says:

      Hi robby,
      you have to go to the “Appearance” -> “Menus”. Then say for me, i had “Blog” (Page) inserted into the Menu. Next (in my case), i inserted “Wedding” category into the menu. I drag the “Wedding” (from the menu) into the “Blog” until it becomes a sub heading. the “Wedding” is placed just below the “Blog” and slightly to the right.
      Try it and you will know what i meant.

      1. robby says:

        Ok thanks scott.. its works like a charm.. i really appreciate it :)

        Btw, your site very nice, i very like it ^^

  2. André Barbosa says:

    Hi, Scott! Great tutorial! I’m beggining in WordPress, and it really helped me a lot. I had follow your steps and everything works fine, except for a detail: I’m using the option of having posts in home page, instead of having a static page (in a static page the slide show doesn’t appear). Under the post (I set the page to show only one), theres a grid where the slide’s sticky posts are appearing in thumbnails, what doesn’t happen in your site. Until now I couldn’t make the grid disapear. Do you have some advice for me?

    1. Scott Goh Scott Goh says:

      Hi Andre,
      Thank you for your note. This page spammed hence I was ignoring most of the messages. I think the grid that you mentioned might either be triggered by 1. limiting the number of full posts shown or 2. altered by the type of page use.ie page which is a “landing page” or a “full blog post” etc. I think you have to play around with the setting and hopefully get something that suits you.

      1. cornelia says:

        This helped me a lot, thanks! But now I still have another problem: How do I get rid of “Content not found” on the front page? Your help would be very much appreciated!

        1. Scott Goh Scott Goh says:

          Hi Cornelia,
          glas the you found this useful. You might want to look for a widget that can get rid of the “content not found” page.

  3. Nikos says:

    Hey Scott!
    I found your guide quite awesome but i am having trouble completing it in my computer. i did everything the same way you describe it but in the end the images just wont show up in the screen. You can see that the slider exists in order to go forward or back but no images are depicted. Is it a dimension problem for the images? or something else? my site is http://www.ell-kat.gr/
    Thank you very much in advance

  4. Emily says:


    Did you use a specific slideshow widget for your slider? I followed the above steps, but am not seeing a slideshow from the posts I made. Please help…

    1. Scott Goh Scott Goh says:

      Hi Emily,
      I did not use any additional slideshow widget. This came with the theme.

  5. Kristal says:

    Hi outstanding website! Does running a blog such as this require a lot of work?
    I have very little expertise in programming but I had
    been hoping to start my own blog in the near future.
    Anyways, should you have any recommendations or tips for new blog owners please share.

    I know this is off subject but I just wanted to ask.

  6. Cocombee says:

    Hey scott, I just wonder how you manage to expand the logo width.. How did you do that?.. Cause my logo is automatically distorted.. It’s like there’s a space between the social links and the header..

  7. wendy says:

    anybody know how to rearrange the photos that display on the slider….I have them set up as sticky posts/featured images but don’t know how to rearrange their order.

  8. Mario Mey says:

    I left title in blank… but there’s a little grey box at the right… with no text.

    How do I get rid or it?


  9. Julian says:

    How did you do the text (Like me) under your slideshow ?

    Greets from Germany ;-)

    1. Scott Goh Scott Goh says:

      Hi Julian,
      Just add the Facebook plugin and you are done

  10. Hi Scott,

    Thank you very much for your tutorial, but I have a doubt related to your logo header image. How did you manage the location and dimension of your logo image in the header. I’ve tried to create a logo for my website (http://www.ciclotraveling.com) but I can’t fit it to the header. When I upload the image the blog resize the image and move the social icons.

    Thank you very much in advance for any comment.


    1. Scott Goh Scott Goh says:

      Hi, my logo size is 720×100.
      hope that helps.